t’s a tool kit for any kid who wants to make nifty report covers, door signs, posters, birthday cards… whatever. Ten different illustrators created ten different handmade lettering styles, five plastic stencils — two complete alphabets plus assorted extras — to act as super-stylish training wheels. Its fancy-pants lettering as simple as A-B-C.

This tool kit for handwriting teaches you to make letters that are just as expressive as words, in the coolest ways ever. Give invitations, cards, letters, report covers, scrapbook pages – whatever – a blast of style and color. Pages of instruction, alphabets, and outside-the-lines inspiration will get you lettering fast. Curly letters, goofy letters, chunky, funky, blobby letters, vintage – even secret instructions for creating your own alien alphabet. It’s everything you need to letter your world, and beyond.

Comes with: 56 page book, 5 plastic stencil pages, 8 colored artists’ pencils with double-points (16 colors!), 4 fine-tipped marker pens, mechanical pencil, 50 sheets of practice sketch paper, 2 sheets of sticker paper, pencil sharpener, eraser, reusable pencil pouch

ISBN: 9781570544286
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction / Activity Books

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