Fingerprint Fabulous


For girls who are girly right down to their fingertips. Over the years, we’ve produced a healthy handful of thumbprint drawing books, including last year’s hit, The Most Amazing Thumb Doodle Book in the History of the Civilized World. Suffice to say, we think highly of artistic prowess of the thumb. Which is why we’re so excited to introduce Fingerprint Fabulous, a glamorous take on one of our favorite art forms. We provide three ink pads — purple, green, and, of course, pink — plus a black felt-tip pen. And really that’s all you need to transform ordinary fingerprints into pretty kitties, poodle puppies, hairstyles, flowers, fashions, butterflies, and a festive squad of cheerleaders. But the fabulosity doesn’t stop there. We also include glitter glue and 100 shiny sequins, perfect for giving Pinky the Princess a tiara or adding shimmer to the dresses of those digital divas known as the Pointer Sisters. Inside the book, along with our legendary instructions and inspiration, we include six perforated greeting cards to share your fingerprint art with friends and family. The thumb has done it again.

We’ve taken fingerprint art to a new, and glamorous, level. This art set in a book is great for budding artists and experienced experts–using a fingerprint as a starting point makes for goof-proof drawing. With the book of instructions and inspiration—plus four tear-out greeting cards—pretty kitties, poodle pups, butterflies, cheerleaders, and dazzling divas are just a fingerprint away.

Comes with: 40 page book, 3 ink pads (pink, purple, green), black marker pen, glitter glue, sequins, tear-out greeting cards

ISBN: 9781591747482
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction / Activity Books

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