Dot Jewelry


Here’s a jewelry kit that is totally out of the ordinary. Dot Jewelry comes with 1,500 pre-cut paper dots and shapes in a rainbow of luscious colors and patterns. Young fashionistas can make anything from a simple one-strand bracelet to stunning statement necklaces—and unlike other paper jewelry, these gorgeous adornments will last. Follow step-by-step instructions, use our exclusive dot-placement tool, and make something so fashionable no one will believe it’s “just” paper. It’s ideal for young fashion designers who want to create jewelry that’s on trend with the flat, modern style.

Comes with: 56 page book, 1500 dots, dot picker-upper, glue with brush applicator, 45 feet of clear cord, 2 work surfaces, 8 quick-start templates

ISBN: 9780545492782
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction / Activity Books

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