Dear Dumb Diary: It’s Not My Fault I Know Everything


It’s an eventful month for Jamie Kelly. Stinker and Stickybuns’ litter of puppies has arrived — which makes Jamie and her nemesis Angeline “in-laws by dog.” Ugh.

Jamie’s class at Mackerel Middle School is doing a unit on journal-writing, and someone’s diary falls into the wrong hands.

But worst of all, Angeline and Isabella are becoming . . . friends.

Dear Dumb Diary,

It’s not my fault I know everything.

Okay, I don’t know where Timbuktu is, but I refuse to know that. Even if somebody told me, I would flush my brain like a thought-potty and wave goodbye to Timbuktu as it swirled down my brain hole.

I know everything that I WANT to know.

ISBN: 9780439825979
Pages: 144 pages
Category: Juvenile Fiction / Comedy & Humour

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